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Experience an enhanced quality of life through our services.

We understand that every individual requires different level of care depending on the situation they are in. Their strength and independence are being compromised due to factors such as old age, disability, or chronic health condition. Thus, making it hard for them to accomplish simple tasks, especially when it comes to personal care. This is where we at Absolute Quality Health Care, Inc. can help you.

Here are the following services we offer:

Consumer Directed Services (CDS):

This is What We Do!

Eligibility Criteria to receive Consumer-Directed Service:

  • At least (18) years of age
  • Able to direct their own care (Consumer Directed)
  • Capable of Living Independently with CDS Assistance
  • Physically Disabled
  • Require at least a nursing level of care
  • Able and willing to recruit, hire, and manage attendants
  • Documented proof of Medicaid eligibility under Title XIX of the Social Security Act
  • Participate in an assessment
  • Be eligible for Consumer Directed Services